For those of you who have a WordPress website, maybe you realize that if you leave a comment on an article, you will see a small box next to the username you use. Most people who don’t change their photos will only see a gray icon. Now, this gray box is called “Gravatar.” In this article, you will learn what Gravatar is and how you can use it.

History of Gravatar

Before we discuss how to use it, first know the origin of Gravatar and its definition. This unique avatar service is a graphical representation of an internet user that can be used to show the user’s identity online. In the past, when the internet was still more anonymous than now, people used icons as an identification tool, especially in online discussion forums. However, now we can add other information besides the icon.

Since the internet is growing, websites and bloggers are becoming more mainstream, getting to know someone just from the icon becomes more difficult. Now, you need to register an account to be able to interact with other people on a website. But actually, you don’t need to log in multiple times to leave comments on a website or blog. So how do you identify users? Yep, using Gravatar.

Definition of Gravatar

Gravatar stands for Globally Recognized Avatar which you can use only by using email. This service is the same as an ordinary avatar, but Gravatar is hosted on a single server and can then be used on various websites as long as you use the email address that you used to register your Gravatar.

Some websites that use WordPress CMS already have built-in support for Gravatar. So when a user leaves a comment on the website using email and the website visited supports the use of Gravatar, your profile photo will be displayed. The image will then be displayed next to your comment, making it an identification tool for internet users.

Do You Need to Use Gravatar?

Still not interested in using Gravatar? Not only because of the ease of manufacture, there are several other reasons why you need to use internet features on this one.

  1. You have one account for all active websites that you use.
  2. You can easily replace and update your Gravatar photos from one website.
  3. You can build personal branding. If you use the same photo for your social media accounts, people will start to recognize you. If you do provide useful content, people will be interested in joining social media accounts or subscribing to content from your website.
  4. This can also help increase website traffic. People will usually visit your website by clicking on the username of the comment you left on another website. If you use photos that show your face, it will be more possible for other users to visit your website. Gravatar helps internet users to identify your identity and see who is behind the account.