There are many reasons why your computer may be slow, but you need to be careful which you choose to pursue. If you decided to pursue one of the solutions that takes much more time to complete, you may be missing out on the ease of a quicker solution.

Being are Slow Computer Solutions to Consider

Slow Computer Solution- Cleanup Disk Space

clean up diskspace

If you have lots of software installed on your computer, you need to remove some of the software you don’t use. Software can fill up your disk space quickly and cause your computer to run slow. You should go through your computer and figure out which software you don’t use regularly so that you can remove it.
If you download lots of music or video files, consider putting these on a separate harddrive or burning them to cd discs. This will help you free up the space that these files are taking up on your computer, as music and video files are rather large and can fill up your computer quickly, causing it to run slow.

Slow Computer Solution- Check for SpyWare

computer slow solution

If your computer is running slow, you may have adware on the computer. Adware is small software that runs in the background of your computer. Having lots of adware running can cause your computer memory to get used up while you’re using the computer. This will cause your a slow computer.
Spyware ends up on your computer from websites you visits, emails you open, and files you download. Be careful as to which websites you visits and what you do on your computer, as you should only deal with websites, emails, and file downloads that you trust.
To free your computer from Spyware, you need to run a test to check if it has spyware. The test results will tell you if there is adware on your computer and how to remove it. If you do not have spyware, then you should consider one of the other solutions.

Slow Computer Solutions- Reformat Your Computer

reformat computer

Reformatting your computer should be the last solution you try, as it takes a long time to do and requires a lot of attention to detail. Before reformatting a computer, please be sure to try some of the other solutions.