Realme 3 Review – Realme launched its new middle-class smartphone, Realme 3. Realme 3 prioritizes the camera, performance, design and durability as the main features.

Realme 3’s main cameras have their new features are Chroma Boost Mode and Nightscape Mode. Chroma Boost mode produces photos with a balanced blend of colours and exposures while Nightscape mode can increase exposure in low light conditions.

The game mode is still the mainstay feature that Realme brings 3. Other exciting features that Realme 3 has are space games, face unlock, fingerprint, riding mode and more.
Realme 3 has three colour variants including Black, Dynamic Black and Radiant Blue. There are two configurations carried by Realme 3; they are 3GB RAM with 32GB ROM and 4GB RAM with 64GB ROM.


Realme 3 Design

Radiant Blue colour with a gradation of colour on the back body adds to the impression of elegant Realme 3. Radiant Blue combines mirror effects in blue and green. When Realme 3 is exposed to light reflection, the colour gradation is more visible.

Realme 3 features a unibody design wrapped in polycarbonate material. Realme 3 body consists of a screen, frame, and back cover. The sideline of the body that is barely visible makes the entire Realme 3 body look smoother, lighter, and thinner.

Realme 3 weighs 175g and measures 156.1 x 75.6 x 8.3 mm. When we hold Realme 3, it’s quite comfortable and not too heavy. The curved corner of the body adds to the comfort of Realme 3 when held.

Realme 3 has a 6.2-inch screen. On top of the screen is a notch dewdrop as a container for a 13MP selfie camera and a speaker receiver. The back is embedded with a 13MP + 2MP dual main camera; Flash LED, fingerprint sensor and the Realme logo.

The left side of the body has a volume up and down button and a MicroSD slot. While the right side of the body there is only the power button. The lower part of the body is a micro USB 2.0 port, a 3.5 mm audio jack, two mic holes and a speaker.

Realme 3 Screen and UI

Realme 3 is equipped with an IPS screen measuring 6.22 inches with HD + resolution (1520 x 720p) and an aspect ratio of 19: 9. While the screen ratio is 88.30%. The screen bezel is only 2.05 mm, so the screen looks wider. Realme 3 screen carries a curved corner body.

Notch waterdrop design, makes the Realme 3 screen look wider. You can also activate the full-screen display mode in the Settings menu> Display and Brightness> Full-screen display so that the screen looks wider. You can also choose the application you want to make a full view of the menu.

When we play games and watch videos, it’s quite comfortable. However, the curvature of the screen is a little annoying when playing the PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) game with game controls that almost cover the smartphone screen. You can fix it by setting the control settings in the game.

The interface display looks simple. The notification tray is at the top. In this menu, you can get notifications and activate cellular data, Wi-Fi, silent mode, Bluetooth, flashlight, calculator, boost, night shield, auto-rotate, GPS, power saver, Realme Share, Airplane Mode and Night Shield.

You can also adjust the brightness of the screen from the notification tray or the settings menu. Also you can set the auto brightness mode on the menu.

The auto brightness mode can adjust the screen lighting with the light conditions automatically. so If the screen exposed to direct sunlight the screen display is still visible.

Realme 3 Cameras

Realme 3 embed a dual main camera with 13MP and 2MP resolution. The main lens is 13MP resolution with an aperture of f / 1.8. While the secondary lens is 2MP resolution supported by sensor depth.

The main camera menu and the Realme 3 selfie are quite simple. The primary camera and Realme 3 selfie are supported by AI technology.


The main camera is Realme 3 new features such as Chroma Boost Mode and Nightscape Mode. Provided photo, portrait, pano and expert modes. Various interesting filters are also presented in the main camera and selfie menus.
You can take pictures using photo mode with 1x zoom and 2x zoom. The results of the photos are quite sharp and detailed using the 1x zoom mode.

When using 2x zoom mode, the resulting photo also does not break when enlarged. AI technology support makes Realme 3 able to recognize objects such as plants, food and more. Both outdoor and indoor results are quite good. In low light conditions, the Realme 3 camera is capable of capturing objects well.

Realme 3 Nightscape and Chroma Modes

For the results of the low light photo to be better, you can use Nightscape Mode. AI technology support, multi-frame synergy and anti-shake algorithm, Nightscape mode will significantly improve image quality in low light. Nightscape mode can increase exposure in low light conditions.

When we take photos in low light or night conditions, the photos produced through this technology are quite good. Noise is not very visible in the photo.

To use Nightscape mode, you only need to press the camera button and then hold for 4 seconds to focus on the photo object. Keep the photo object still for 4 seconds, so the results are optimal.

Chroma Boost mode produces photos with a balanced blend of colours and exposures. This mode works using the AI algorithm. You can activate Chroma Boost and deactivate it via the main camera menu.

When we tried the Chroma Boost mode, it was able to adjust the colour of objects with surrounding conditions such as indoor, outdoor, morning, afternoon and night. For example, when taking outdoor plant objects, the composition of the colours produced is perfect.

When we try to take photos with the bokeh effect using portrait mode, the results are also quite natural. The main camera is also supported by AI Scenes Recognition feature which can recognize 16 independent scenes and 100 landscape combinations. This feature is automatically capable of producing better lighting and contrast ratios.

Realme 3 has a 13MP selfie camera embedded with a 5P lens. Realme 3 uses the SelfiePro RealmeU1 algorithm which can accurately restore skin, eye and hair quality details through 296 facial identification points.

When we take selfies, the results are quite good. Especially on sufficient light conditions, the resulting selfie photos look sharp with the right colour composition.

When we take photos with low light conditions, the photo quality results are quite good. However, there is still much noise visible. Maybe you can use the LED Flash when selfie at night or in low light conditions. Realme 3 selfie camera supported by beauty mode. When we tried it, the photo produced by the beauty mode was quite natural. Thanks to AI technology.

Still, for selfie cameras, a selfie camera is also included in the Selfie Beauty Group mode which can identify your gender automatically. Selfie Beauty Group Mode allows you to group photos of up to 4 people. You can also use portrait mode for selfies with the bokeh effect. The resulting bokeh effect is natural.

Realme 3 video camera mode has several features such as time-lapse and slow motion video. Realme 3 is capable of recording videos with a resolution of 720p and 1080p. 1x zoom, and 2x zoom modes can also be used to record video. Slo-mo mode allows you to record slow-motion videos with a standard 90fps 720P resolution motion.

Realme 3 Hardware

Realme 3 is supported by MediaTek Helio P60 with TSMC’s latest 12nm FinFET process that is more energy efficient. The Helio P60 adopts an 8-core structure and is equipped with four Cortex-A53 cores and four Cortex-A73 cores, with a clock speed of up to 2.0GHz.

Helio P60 comes with a multi-threaded APU (AI Processing Unit), which includes multi-core processors and smart control logic processors. Combined with the new NeuroPilot and multi-thread smart, it produces a performance that is twice as efficient in power consumption. The GPU uses Mali-G72 and has 4GB RAM, 64GB ROM and MicroSD up to 256GB.

Realme 3 Performance and Benchmark

To test the performance of Realme 3, we conducted a series of tests such as playing games and benchmark tests. The benchmark tests that we do use the AnTuTu, 3D Mark, PC Mark and Geekbench applications.

All benchmark tests can be passed well by Realme 3. At AnTuTu, Realme scores 133112. Realme 3 won a score of 19879 after undergoing the Ice Storm Unlimited test on PC Mark. For PC Mark, Realme 3 won a score of 10772 in a work performance test.

We tried playing the game Player Unknown Battlegrounds (PUBG), Mobile Legends: Bang Bang and Arena of Valor (AoV). As a result, the three games can run very smoothly Realme 3. In all three games, we use the highest settings.
For Mobile Legends: Bang, we use High graphics settings. On AoV, we use HD Display and High Frame Rate mode settings. While in PUBG, the settings we use are HD graphics and the frame rate high.

Using the game mode feature also makes gaming on Realme 3 even smoother. When we try to play games with 1 to 2 hours, this smartphone doesn’t feel hot.

We also test audio by listening to music through Realme’s default music application and watching videos using YouTube. The sound produced is clear enough when using loudspeaker mode. When using earphones, the quality of the audio produced is better. This is thanks to the support of the Real Original Sound Technology feature.

Realme 3 Battery Life

The Realme 3 has a large capacity battery of 4.230mAh. The battery capacity provides longer battery life.
In standby mode, Realme 3 can last up to a full day or 24 hours. This Realme 3 can last up to 21 hours  for browsing the internet, for watching non-stop video can last up to 12 hours and for gaming can last up to 11 to 11 hours.

Screen Battery Optimization mode in Realme 3 makes it more energy efficient. Balance and High Energy Efficiency Mode that users can choose to extend battery life by 5% and 10% respectively.

The process of charging Realme 3 is reasonably fast. From conditions below 20% to 100%, Realme 3 requires 2 hours of charging time. In conditions above 20%, it certainly takes a little time in the charging process for about 1 hour.

Color OS 6.0 and Software

Realme 3 runs with the operating system Android 9.0 Pie wrapped in ColorOS 6.0. ColorOS 6.0 offers a simple interface.

Not many default applications are included in Realme Realme 3. There are only default applications Google, Facebook and others.

ColorOS 6.0 has features that can improve the overall visual quality to make it more attractive.
Just swipe up from the Home button to bring up the multi-tasking feature. Can also swipe left or right to switch between applications quickly.

Realme 3 features

Realme 3 offers a variety of great features such as game space; face unlocks, fingerprint, riding mode and other exciting features. Realme 3 fingerprint sensor can open a smartphone very quickly under 1 second. Face Realme 3 unlock is also able to open a smartphone very quickly under 1 second.

Riding mode allows you to receive and reject calls while driving a vehicle, all notifications can be muted, and callers who are allowed can be set. You can reject other unwanted calls and automatically answer by SMS. Incoming calls are displayed in large fonts or large buttons. Only pickup or hang-up buttons are provided.

Realme 3 Space Game feature

This game space feature already exists in previous Realme smartphones. However, the game space on Realme 3 has been modified and upgraded.

Game space presents a menu of balanced modes, signal strength and block banners. The balanced mode can improve Realme 3’s performance when playing games.

Signal strength can stabilize networks when playing online games and Block banners allow you to stop notification of voice calls and messages. This game space supports all types of games. You can also add the game you want to play using Game space.

Realme 3 Connectivity

Realme 3 connectivity is supported by 4G / 3G / 2G networks, Bluetooth, a MicroSD slot, two SIM Card slots and a micro USB 2.0 port. To test the Realme 3 network, we use the Speed Test application made by Ookla using a local operator. The result is quite stable with download speeds of 12.4 Mbps and uploads of 16 Mbps.


Even though it is a mid-sized smartphone, Realme 3 has quite high specifications. The most prominent camera from other specifications. Realme 3’s performance and durability are quite good when used to play games. The wider screen makes watching videos and gaming more comfortable.