How to use Safe Search in Google – Safe search is Google features which allows you select the age rating of the search results. This applies to web seach, image search to remove sexual explicit content. But as you know no filter 100% accurate, but this feature can help you to avoid sexual explicit content. you can follow these step to use Safe search.

How to use Safe Search in Google

1.Perform some search by Google search engine, check the result and if you find there are result are inappropriate then you can click Setting link on the top right and select Search Settings.

how to use safe search google

2.In Search Settings, At the top of the search setting screen you should see Safe Search on/off link, click to turn on Safe Search to activate it.

use safe search google-1

3.If you want to deactivate Safe Search, you can go to Search Settings and uncheck Turn on SafeSearch to deactivate Safe Search filters.

4.If you want Safe Search setting is not changed, you need to sign in a Google Account.