Notifications are always available in every Android smartphone today, there are some smartphone users who like their smartphones to get notifications from all the applications they have, so they don’t miss the news at that time. But there are also types of smartphone users who do not like their smartphones filled with notifications that are not important, because they are considered to interfere with their activities when using a smartphone.

Because the User Experience of each person is different, at this time, we will discuss how to turn off application notifications on the Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone, in this way you can activate or deactivate which applications may bring up notifications and which ones are not allowed.

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How to Turn Off the Notification of the Samsung Galaxy S8 Application

  1. Enter Settings (Settings). After that enter Notification.
  2. Then activate the All Apps menu by sliding the round icon next to it to the right, after which you will find an application that can send notifications.
  3. To turn off notifications from certain applications, the first step is to search for the application you want to turn off the notification, then look to the right there will be a round icon, then slide to the left to deactivate.
  4. Finished.

Second Way: Management of Notification features

For this second method, if you want the notification to appear on the lock screen or the display is locked, then the notification appears but silently doesn’t make a sound or pop up, see the way below.

  1. Make sure you are in the Notification menu and have activated the All Apps menu if you haven’t followed the method above.
  2. Then look for the application that you want to be notified in the management, after meeting select the application.
  3. Then a new page will appear, and there is the Allow Notifications menu, Silently Show, On the lock screen, Set as a priority.
  4. If you want to get a notification but the sound, vibrate, and the pop up does not appear, but in the notification area appears, activate Show silently.
  5. If you want the notification from the application to appear on the locked screen, select the On lock screen menu, then select Show Content.
  6. If you want to prioritize the application, you have to make a sound, vibrate and pop up even though you activate the Do Not Disturb feature, activate the Set as a priority feature.

Hopefully, this information can help Samsung Galaxy S8 users to manage notifications from applications that you have.