If you feel annoyed with the Google Auto-Correction feature on an Android mobile keyboard, then below we will show you how to easily turn it off. Actually, the smart features that are present on this phone can be quite useful to make it easier for users to make effective choices in words, but generally we feel disturbed especially if you set the choice of this phone with English language features.

So, to make it disappear from the virtual keyboard, we will show you an easy way with a few steps that you can follow from the beginning. Also, this method can also apply to all old or the latest Android phones, although some features may be slightly different. Also, in this article, we use the latest Xiaomi Redmi Note 5A Android with the default English language settings.

Easy Ways to turn off Google Auto Correction on the Android Phone Keyboard

  • First, all you have to do is go to the settings menu. Here, many settings that are presented, including for those features.
  • After that, see the Additional Settings option and press this option.
  • Here you will see many more settings,  from Language and so on. Select the languages and input or language menu, then choose Gboard

  • After you enter this menu, you will see more options. To deactivate Auto Correction, select the Text Correction option.

  • After that, there are a number of other settings that can be quite useful. But if you want to deactivate the Google Auto Correction feature, swipe the Auto-Correction option to the left, so that you will see the gray button to indicate the status is off.