Capture or screenshot is a feature that exists on every smartphone, which is a feature that makes it easy for us to take the display on the mobile screen and save it as an image file (.jpg or .png) that can be captured or sent. Along with the development of smartphone technology, the screenshot feature has also developed, for example; use of palm gesture to use this feature or commonly called palm gesture, so we don’t need to use the old way of using a combination of keys to do it.

Now we can do a long page screenshot which is a screenshot feature that can record all screens from the top screen to the bottom screen, for example when we open a website, you will scroll down to read further information, if we use the usual screenshot feature, we cannot capture all screens, different with a long page screenshot, this feature can save all that is displayed on the website page.

Screenshot using the Samsung Galaxy S8 with a key combination

Press and hold the Volume Down Button and the Power Button together, press and hold until the screen finishes shooting.

Screenshot of Samsung Galaxy S8 with palms hand

1.Position your hands as shown on figure 1, Then move to the left of your palm as figure 2.

To use this method, you must first activate the palm gesture feature for screenshots in the settings, go to Settings-> Advanced Features-> Palm Swipe to Capture

How to Long Page Screenshot of Samsung Galaxy S8

1.The first step, please take screenshots, as usual, you can use a key combination or palm gesture.

2.After screenshot, you will see a preview of the screenshot, in the preview you will get an option at the bottom of the screen such as Scroll Capture, Draw, Crop, Share.

3.Please select Scroll Capture; then you can swipe down or up to the screen that you want to capture, select Scroll Capture again if you want to expand it again.

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To use this feature, you need to activate the Smart Capture feature, go to Settings -> Advanced Features, then activate the Smart Capture feature.