How to keep Your Windows 10 Updated – Keeping your Windows 10 up to date is important, the updates will add new features, fix problems, patch security holes and add improvements.

You can keep your Windows 10 keep updated automatically, We will explain the step to setting Windows 10 update automatically.

1.You can check Windows 10 update setting in the main setting Windows, Tap Windows key or click the Start Menu button and click Setting icon from Side menu. Click the Updates & Security.


2.In this screen you can see a message telling you whether Windows 10 is up to date or if any update are currently available, Click “Check for update”, it is worth to click this button even if see the message your Windows 10 is up to date.

keep windows 10 up to date

3. If any available update the Check for Update button will change to an Install button, you can click thats button to starting update installation, if you very busy you can reschedule update process .

4. If you want to check which updates have been installed, you can click the Update history button.

keep windows 10 up to date-1

5. You can setting your active hours, so Windows 10 will update set to automatically install and restart, they will only do so outside of your active hours.

keep windows 10 up to date-2

6. Some update require to restart your PC and sign into Windows 10 in order to finish installing the update. Windows 10 can help prevent this from take place by allowing Windows to use you sign. Go to Advanced update options -> Use my sign-in info.

keep windows 10 up to date-3

7. When restart is scheduled, this option is available to temporarily override active hours and schedule custom time to finish installing the current update. You will still need to make sure your device is plugged in at scheduled time.

keep windows 10 up to date-4

8. For some reason you need to uninstall a particular update, perhaps the update causing some software error or crash. You can do from the Updates Windows, click Update history->Uninstall Updates and use the interface to remove the update.

keep windows 10 up to date-5