Keeping yourself whilst using your Google Apps is just as important and that said it doesn’t need to be difficult. You can keeping your Google Account security by following a few pieces of advice.

How to create good Password to keep your Google Account secure.

how to create good passwords

1.Keep your Passwords unique

Having a unique password for each website you are required to log in to is very good, particularly for emails and online banking, although security on a banking website is likely to be very good, but if you use same password on the many website, you risk it being compromised on one and used to gain access to the other.

2.Keep them random

Try to avoid using anything that is easy to guess, including personal information like your name, address, street, date of birth. These things are all very easy to discover and often the first things someone will try to get into your accounts. Also avoid using real words or sequential string or numbers for example abcde or 12345.

3.Create your password longer, longer is better.

Short passwords are much easier to crack, please avoid anything less than eight characters, if possible go for something ten characters.

4.Mix it up

Mix your passwords by adding symbols and mixed case letters along with numbers. the password A1bXYl&# is more secure than a1bzdfe.

5.Using Password Manager.

For most people keeping a written list of their passwords is perfectly okay as long as you make sure that it is not left in plain sight on your desk,etc. Even keeping a text document contain your password is usually risk. A much safer way however is to use good Password Manager. This program will store your password in locked file on your computer. so you only need to remember one password instead of 20 password.