The internet is indeed useful, and many good things can be found, and there are many activities that we can do using the Internet. However, protecting your online privacy is not one of them. From the websites, you visit, and the things you buy – search engines, websites, and internet marketers always keep an eye on your every click and move.

Your activities in exploring the internet are not exactly safe if you don’t know how. Irresponsible people can steal your personal information, which is undoubtedly very detrimental.

Also, internet service providers keep recording what you are doing online. This is indeed not too dangerous, but you will continue to be presented with advertisements related to your activities.

Then how is it safe to surf in the online world? One of the most reliable ways is to hide the IP Address.

Yes, this only needs to be done to maintain your security, especially when you want to open a website that cannot be trusted so that it is not hacked by irresponsible people. Especially if you are in an internet cafe or you use public Wifi

Also, hiding the IP Address can be used to hide your location so that it is not tracked by other people. And interestingly, many ways can be done to hide the IP Address. Want to know what are the methods?


How to hide Your IP Address

1.Using Proxy

The first way to hide an IP Address is to use a proxy website.

Yes, a web proxy is the easiest way to be done by anyone who wants to hide the IP Address.

Simply by visiting a proxy website that is now available on the internet, and you can immediately surf there.

One of them that can be visited:

Please type the website address that you want to go to using the website, or if you use the Mozilla Firefox browser, use the Anonymous Proxy.

You can use any device and any browser to access the web proxy and then be free to surf the internet without knowing your IP Address.

This method is most commonly carried out by many people because it is practical and effective. Some other well-known proxy webs include Hidemyass, anonymous, or kproxy.

Here the Recommended Web Proxy

2.Using VPN

The second way can also be using a VPN. Using this method is very powerful to keep you safe, including opening a blocked site.

For example, when you are at work, at the company, at school or on campus and want to access social media that turns out to be blocked, then just use a VPN.

This method is also very easy to do because there are many extensions that you can get for any browser, including Mozilla and chrome.

You can browse VPN extensions or you can also VPN software and download and install on the device you want.

After you install it, you can immediately try using it. Various sites that could not be opened will become accessible.

This method is very beneficial because it can hide the IP Address and encrypt your data so that it can also make you more free to surf.

3.Download and Install IP Adress Hiding Software

The third way to hide your IP Address, download and install the IP Address Hiding software, this software is very appropriate to make you hide the IP Address that you have.

The method is also very easy because there are many sites currently providing IP Address Hiding software downloads. For example, the software in question is Hotspot shield.