Google search engine have several specialised search tools, in this article we will tell you the advantages of using Google Shopping to find best deal of products. You can access Google shopping from the Chrome Browser or Google home page.

How to Find Best Deals Product using Google Shopping

1.You can open Google Shopping via Google home page by typing, and your Google chrome will detect your location and your own currency.

how to use google shopping

2.For example you want to search Samsung Smartphone, you just type what product that you want to find, and enter, you will see the shopping screen is different from standard Google search screen. you will see product shown in sections such as electronics, clothing etc.

how to use google shopping

3.You can click on the product section to show list of result of that type of product or you can type a search term into the search field as you would normally in Google.

4.Once the results are shown, you will see several filter on the left screen, these filter will allow you to filter results by specific prize, size or brands.

5.Click the title of product you are interested in a box will expand to show more information, including a range of prices, and button Shop to buy product if you want it.