How to delete Bloatware – Every Android smartphone has a lot of bloatware or default applications that are intentionally installed by smartphone manufacturers. With the many Android or Bloatware default applications installed on the smartphone, it will cause the available storage memory to decrease.

The best way to improve free memory on Android is to delete the not used default system application. In this article, We will explain how to remove the default system application or bloatware on an Android smartphone.

Deleting Bloatware using CCleaner

1. Download and Install CCleaner on your Android Phone.

2.Open CCleaner Apps and tap App Manager


3.When you want to delete the default application from the system, a warning will appear. You can ignore it by pressing the Continue button.


4.Tap Uninstall, then a warning will appear if you are really sure to delete the application. If sure, tap Uninstall again. It’s easy, right?

Deleting Bloatware using adb command

ADB (Android Debugging Bridge) is commonly heard. ADB is often used to retrieve logs (logcat), access root, delete files and others. It is like ADB being a bridge between PC OS and Android OS to communicate.

Before connecting your Android smartphone to a PC, you must download and install the Smartphone USB Driver and activate ADB on your Android phone.

Connect the smartphone to your PC. Type adb devices either in the Command Prompt, Powershell or Terminal and press enter. If your smartphone is connected, then your smartphone’s Serial Number will appear in the command prompt screen.

how-to-delete-bloatware-android-no-rooting-using abd

In this step you have to find out the name of the application package that you will delete, you can use the App Inspector application to get the package name of all applications that have been installed on your Android smartphone

how-to-delete-bloatware-android-no-rooting-using abd-2

You can go back to your terminal then type adb shell and press Enter, after that you can type pm uninstall -k –user 0 <package name>, for example you want to uninstall Pre-Installed application Facebook App, then you can type pm uninstall -k –user 0 com.facebook.katana then press enter.

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It’s easy to uninstall pre-installed apps or bloatware from your Android smartphone. But be careful to delete bloatware because many system apps are interdependent and if you uninstall pre-installed apps that depend on the Android core system then it will cause your cellphone unusable.