How to create Child Account in Windows 10 – In every family that sharing Windows 10 computer with your children, you can create account for your children, whilst allowing you to set up certain restrictions. With a Windows 10 child account you’re able to set up age restrictions and time limits and ensure they dont visit a site or using apps they shouldn’t.

How to create Child Account in Windows 10

1.Click Windows Start button and typing ‘account’ , the Manage your account should appear, if anything else appears then scroll down until you find the Manage your account.


2.You’ll need to sign in your Microsoft Account before create your child account, after you sign in with your Microsoft account you can click Family & other people.


3.Click on the Add Family Member link by the plus sign under the Your Family section, this will launch a new pop-up window to create a new Microsoft Account. You need to create your children an email, if they dont have email account yet.


4.Click the Add a child option in the new account window and enter their email in the text box section below. the click the Next button.


5.The child account is now ready to be activated, the next process, The Microsoft will send some emails to the childs account. One will be verification email, in which you or your child will need to click the link to activate the account. They need to log in to Microsoft online to complete process. The other email will be an invitation to join the family account which you need to Accept.