Repair Your Slow Computer with these Solutions – Do you find your PC running very slow. The most common complaint of most computer users is the degraded and slowed performance of computers over time. The operating system is somewhat the main cause of the problem and it needs immediate attention to avoid further damage. There are ways to solve this issue quickly and effectively.

Clean up your Windows register by Registry Scanner

register scanner

The first thing to consider is the window’s registry as this handles the installation and removal of all applications in the computer and the hardware as well. Continuous installing and uninstalling software results to the compilation of damaged registry files which significantly slow down your computer.

This slows the computer because the registry file size then exceeds its limit and Windows also has to keep searching through the error filled registry to be able to find what it needs to run the software properly. This in turn can cause your computer to crash and way to solve this is with a system and registry scanner.


Install Antivirus or Anti-malware


Your computer is also prone to viruses, spyware, malware and other malicious programs that would try to enter the system. These programs engulf the computer, corrupt important files and also grab passwords and other private information.

The security and privacy of your files are jeopardized and you definitely don’t want that to happen, do you?
Resolving this issue involves the usage of antivirus and anti-spyware software that is readily available via internet. Using these along with a registry scanner will enable you to keep your computer secure and free former malware. This also stop your computer running very slow.


Update your drivers

update your driver

Outdated and incorrect drivers also result to the slowing down of your computer’s performance. The best thing to do with this problem is by using system and registry scanner. This tool not only searches for by file and registry errors, you can also look for and find the right drivers for your system very quickly


Hard drives need disk defragmentation.

defragment hard disk

This will help the computer’s performance because this allows all files to be organised correctly. This simple yet effective way of repairing the computer, it will result to its old self of being fast and efficient and stop your computer running very slow.

There are certainly ways to make your slow computer run faster again. By using a system and registry scanner you will soon be over to make your computer run as fast as you used to without having to worry about having any technical knowledge do this when you can do it all automatically and the minutes. If your computer is running very slow scanning now and speed up again.