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February 19, 2020

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How to use ipconfig command in Windows

Internet Protocol Configuration (ipconfig) is a Windows console application that has the ability to collect all data regarding the current configuration value of the Transmission Control Protocol / Internet Protocol (TCP / IP) and then display this data on the  →
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8 Best Hidden Tips for Google Chrome

8 Best Hidden Tips for Google Chrome – When we talk about choosing a web browser, most people will check browser speed and how user friendly it is as their main way to determine the best. With that in mind,  →
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How to create Google Alerts

What is Google Alerts ? Google alerts is the one of Google features to monitor anything on the web and then have links to any matching content sent directly to your email address each day, or when new content is  →
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How to Find Best Deals Product using Google Shopping

Google search engine have several specialised search tools, in this article we will tell you the advantages of using Google Shopping to find best deal of products. You can access Google shopping from the Chrome Browser or Google home page.  →
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How to use Safe Search in Google

How to use Safe Search in Google – Safe search is Google features which allows you select the age rating of the search results. This applies to web seach, image search to remove sexual explicit content. But as you know  →
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How to enable/disable Cookies in Google Chrome

How to enable/disable Cookies in Google Chrome – Cookies are small files used by websites to recognise individual users. When you visit a website, a cookies is stored in temporary folder on your computer. When you visit that site again,  →
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5 Best Note Taking Apps for Your Smartphone 2019

Best Note Taking Apps – Do you often forget about assignments or important promises to meet someone? No need to bother, if you are an Android smartphone user try to use one of the ten best note and memo applications  →
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7 Recommended Website to Get Free Music Download Legally

Download free music legally – Many websites offer free music downloads, but not all are legal, if you want to find a website that offers free high-quality MP3 music downloads, we will provide a list of music websites that offer  →
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How to Delete Temporary Internet Files in Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome

How to Delete Temporary Internet Files – Did you know that when you are browsing on the internet and opening a webpage then a Web browser like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer will save files from the internet  →
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Here’s the Fast and Best Free DNS, Fast Internet Tips

DNS (domain name system) A server translates domain names that you enter into a browser (such as to the public IP address that your device requires to communicate with that site. Then your ISP sets a DNS server automatically  →
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