Before You Reformat Your Computer Try These Tips – Sometimes you will need to reformat your computer. This can help make the computer faster, get rid of errors and other problems, and make your computer work the way it did back when you purchased the machine. Before doing a reformat there are some things that you need to consider doing first.

Before You Reformat Your Computer Try These Tips

First of all, check some simple things on your machine. You might not be at the point that you actually need to reformat the machine. Is everything plugged in? It might not be a software issue at all.
You might be suffering from virus issues which is why your system is not working that well. You might be able to get a better virus scanner and remove the offending files and programs that will make a reformat not necessary. Sometimes this can prevent you from having to do this.

If you do decide to reformat your machine, you are going to need to back up your files. Get your personal documents, videos, and pictures onto external storage. Don’t forget to get things like your browser settings, bookmarks, email, and other important things that you don’t want to be without.

Make sure you also have the setup files for all the programs that you use. Some programs on your machine might be downloaded software where you don’t have the installation CDs. Make sure you have every setup file for each of the programs that you are wanting to keep so that you can install everything again like you need to.

You can’t do a reformat unless you have the disks. Sometimes you have to burn these disks yourself. Make sure you make these before doing any. Additionally, make sure that you have the license codes that you will need to install the operating system again.

The best thing that you could do is clone your entire hard drive. You might forget to back something up. If you have a clone of your drive now, you can go into those files and get whatever you need.