The internet provide us with many free online word applications that you can use. These online Word application can be an alternative for you besides using Microsoft Word. These free online Word application also has advantages like your files will be stored in the cloud, and you can access and edit your documents wherever and whenever.

Here is 8 Recommended Free Online Word Processors 2019


1.Microsoft Word Online

This word online application is the same as Microsoft Word so far. Naturally, the first application on our list is the online version of Microsoft Word.

To use Word Online, all you need is a free Microsoft account. You will find the appearance of the application familiar if you have used the desktop version of Word. This free online Word can make sharing documents and work on trips easier. Like desktop applications, online applications also support real-time collaboration among other features.

Word Online Free is a lighter version of desktop clients, so you might have to do it without some features such as split display and style creation. Also, you can save files only to the default MS Office file format, DOCX. But you can still view and edit documents in other Office file formats.

Click Here : Microsoft Word Online


2.Zoho Writer

Zoho Writer is sturdy enough to compete with Microsoft Word Online Free and Google Docs.

In addition to ordinary document editing and collaboration tools, this application has a separate display for each stage of the writing process. The separating display makes a minimalist look because the tool you need at each stage is the only tool you will see.

Zoho lets you save your documents to other cloud services like Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive. But by default, this saves your document to its cloud storage, Zoho Docs.

Click Here : Zoho Writer


3.Google Documents

Google Docs works everywhere and for everyone. Regardless of the essential tools expected that you need to create and edit word documents, Google Docs gives you more cool features.

You can start with beautiful templates, return to an earlier version of the file, and share documents easily. The collaboration tool brings comments and real-time editing options. And thanks to automatic storage, you don’t have to worry about storing your writing manually.

Plus, with the Google Docs add-on, you can sign documents, create charts and diagrams, insert snippets of text, and so on.

Google Docs has the advantage of other free Word Online thanks to a cleaner look, better collaboration tools, and free voice typing.

Click Here : Google Docs

4.Pages for iCloud

If you are a Mac user, Pages for iCloud is the perfect solution for word processing. Page for iCloud is a synchronized version of Cloud from Pages, which is part of iWork, an original office suite from Apple.

The good news is you don’t need a Mac to use Pages for iCloud. If you create an iCloud account, you can use Pages for iCloud anytime, anywhere.

This application has a clean and easy to use setting, so you will have no trouble using it from the start. It also supports real-time collaboration, but there are problems. The people who collaborate with you must have an iCloud account or make it to view and edit documents. If you don’t consider this lacking, please and get your Pages for iCloud.

Click Here : Pages for iCloud


With structure and functionality, Quip makes you feel unusual. But a minimalist look will help you direct yourself quickly.

Start with one of the default templates to save time. If you start with a blank document, you can still include useful elements such as checklists, calendars, Kanban boards, and project trackers. The formatting option appears when you select text.

Keep in mind that Quip is free only for personal use (and is equipped with unlimited documents). For collaboration using groups or companies, you have to pay.

Click Here : Quip

6.Dropbox Paper

You will find many good reasons to try Dropbox Paper, but the strongest is probably the close integration with Dropbox. The beauty is that paper documents are not taken into account in your Dropbox storage, so your Dropbox Storage is not reduced due to saving document files.

Paper won another point for falling price support. However, falling prices now are the fastest way to write for the web. Unlimited documents and versions, rich media support, and collaboration tools make Paper more interesting.

Click Here : Dropbox Paper

7.OnlyOffice Document Editor

OnlyOffice is open source. This is one of the lesser-known free online words, but no less good than other applications on this list. Actually, in terms of layout and features, this is reminiscent of Microsoft Word.

You can upload documents from your computer or bring them to other cloud storage services such as Google Drive and Dropbox. It is quite practical that you can collaborate in real time with anyone and not only OnlyOffice users.

Click Here : OnlyOffice Document Editor



Word processors usually give you rich text formatting options. But Writer is an ordinary word processing software that has no icons or toolbars unless you want it, but this Writer is good enough to be included in this list as a free online word processor.

There is no rich text support here, but you have the Format and Preview options. And you can not only download your documents to TXT, PDF and HTML formats but also publish them directly to platforms such as WordPress and Tumblr.

Click Here : Writer

Finding a satisfying solution depends on the complexity of the features you need. And now you have some excellent free online word options to choose.