8 Best Hidden Tips for Google Chrome – When we talk about choosing a web browser, most people will check browser speed and how user friendly it is as their main way to determine the best. With that in mind, the Google Chrome browser has become a favorite web browser for many savvy internet users. Although Chrome is easy to use, there are a few hidden simple Google Chrome tips and tricks that can make your web experience far more satisfying and reliable.

8 Best Hidden Tips for Google Chrome

1.Google Chrome Keyboard Shortcut

There are several useful keyboard shortcuts for Chrome.

  • Ctrl+Shift+N : New Incognito Window
  • Alt+Home : Load your home page
  • Ctrl+T : Open a new  tab
  • Ctrl+Shift+T : Open most recently closed tab
  • Ctrl+Tab : Scroll through open tabs
  • Ctrl+J : Open downloads screen

2.How to display Chrome  Task Manager

The task manager is a tool to see how much memory your open tabs and plug-ins using. To open task manager you can right-click the top of the Google Chrome or you can press shortcut Shift+Esc

display google chrome task manager

3.Incognito Windows

If you browse internet using incognito windows, Google Chrome will not save your browsing history and cookies. There are several ways to open a new incognito window in Chrome, You can use keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Shift+N or you can click Setting menu ( three dot on the right top of the Chrome browser ) and click New Incognito Window.

how to display incognito windows

4.Cleaning Cookies, History and Cache

You can delete cookies on the menu button and click Settings. Scroll down to the privacy section, and click Content Settings. Now you can click Remove All or Remove Individual Cookies. Yo can clear more data such as Google Chrome browsing history and cache, click Tools icon and select Clear Browsing Data.

tips and trick google chrome

5.Pinning Tabs

Pinning tabs means that Chrome will automatically be loaded when you next open a new Chrome browser window. To pin tab, right-click on it and select Pin Tab from the menu, To unpin a tab, you can repeat the process and select Unpin Tab from the menu.

pinning tabs chrome

6.Adjust Text Size

You have trouble reading small text on page in Google Chrome, You can do this a couple of ways, The first is to click the Settings menu button and use the Zoom control, and the easier way to do it is hold Ctrl and use the scroll wheel on your mouse to zoom in and out.

7.Rearrange Tabs

If you have several tabs open in Chrome, you can arrange the easily by simply clicking on a tab and dragging it along the row to the position you want. If you want to open one of the tabs as separate window, click on it and drag it to the desktop and Release the mouse button and new window will open.

8.Syncing Chrome

With using Chrome sign feature, you no need afraid about your bookmark or apps being stuck on one computer, when you sign into the Chrome browser, your bookmarks, extension, apps, and theme and other browser preferences are saved and synced to your Google account. You can load all of them any time you use Chrome on other computer or devices.