A Web proxy is a computer server that works to changes the user’s IP address without encryption of online traffic.

So, it allows users to explore the internet with complete privacy. Of course, this also makes it difficult for trackers to track your information through your search history.

Proxy Server also allow users to access sites that are blocked by specific networks such as schools, universities, and offices.

The difference between VPN and Web Proxy

Both the web proxy and VPN (Virtual Private Network) aim to provide privacy to users. However, between VPN and Web proxy has a different way of working, these are the difference between VPN and Web Proxy.

  1. Some web proxies are available without requiring any payment; whereas, most VPN services have to pay.
  2. If you want to protect your Original IP by replacing a new IP, then you can use a proxy. However, to surf anonymously with the best possible privacy, then you can use VPN services.
  3. All web proxies can only change your IP address without encrypting internet traffic. Therefore, there is still a chance that you will be monitored by your ISP or government. But VPNs encrypt your traffic which makes your ISP unable to track you.
  4. Web proxies are browser-specific. It can only filter and control internet traffic generated from the browser using a proxy. On the other hand, VPNs are designed for all devices; also VPN can be effective for database and application activities or other software.
  5. A web proxy is only limited to web browsers. So, the Web Proxy must be restarted again if the web browser is closed. Instead, VPNs are configured differently. When the computer is turned on, the previous VPN is disconnected, the VPN service automatically connects you to the server again.

Some web proxy servers require you to pay for their premium features. However, we here provide you with a list of the best free proxy websites that can help you surf for free, of course.



HideMyAss is the best choice for accessing restricted web content. This proxy website is a collection of proxy VPNs from all over the world.

Hidemyass also offers two services such as VPN and free web proxy. Hidemyass also prevents ads from entering your online traffic.

HideMyAss stores your IP address and the address of the VPN server that you are connecting to. However, this is only stored for two to three months.

HideMyAss is undoubtedly the best free web proxy because it’s fast. Also, more flexible and safe compared to other proxy services.

This is the easiest way to access blocked content throughout the world.

You only need to write the site you want in the address bar. You can choose and connect to the fastest server, and then you can enjoy surfing the internet anonymously and quickly. Hidemyass also has ‘Location Mode’ which you can connect to the country server you want.

This free web proxy also has a Google Chrome extension. You can choose this proxy to satisfy your search needs such as streaming HD content, playing online games, and more.



ProxySite.com is a proxy website that can be used to access several blocked sites for free. ProxySite also offers premium VPN options.

Just like HideMyAss, you can also browse faster with this free web proxy.

ProxySite has an easy-to-use user interface; this web proxy also supports your favorite websites like Facebook, Twitter, Imgur, Reddit, and YouTube. Very interesting, right?

ProxySite is a secure SSL-encrypted site where you can browse from various proxy servers in Europe and the US. You can also change the server location whenever you want. All you have to do is enter the website in the URL bar.

The most interesting feature of ProxySite.com is that you can also control cookies, javascript, objects, and advertisements.



Another of the free proxy websites is Hide.me. Just as the name suggests, it will hide your identity.

The server offered by this site does not permanently store your database and IP address. Hide .me also provides VPN subscription services for its users. Besides that, hide.me is also free from annoying advertisements and popup windows.

Hide.me is also a proxy site that is faster and looks professional. Hide.me also provides some amazing features like encrypting pages and URLs, blocking malicious scripts, and you can also control cookies.

You can also choose and change your location to the US, Germany, and the Netherlands with the Proxy location option.

Hide.me is a free web proxy; although it’s free, this web proxy has great features, some interesting features are:

  • Making history when surfing the internet is not tracked. As soon as you end the search, the URL provided by this site will expire. It will deactivate any spies or hackers to steal your information with your browsing history.
  • You will become anonymous when visiting a different website because Hide.me will hide your IP.



Whoer.net is a free web proxy that can change your IP address quickly and do a ping test so you can see the speed of the server response time.

Also, this site offers seven to nine different servers. You can manually choose your server. The servers come from various countries, including Britain, France, the Netherlands, Russia, Sweden, Paris, and others.

Unfortunately, because it’s free, you might feel annoyed with this massive ad from the Whoer.net VPN service. You cannot delete this in any way.



Kproxy is a free web proxy. It also has free extensions for browsers like Google Chrome and Firefox. You can download the extension easily.

Kproxy allows users to hide the menu at the top of the screen. This menu can interfere when you browse. Other web proxies do not have this feature.

KProxy provides ten different servers. You can switch quickly from one server to another, allowing users to access all blocked sites by changing your IP.

This web proxy also supports HTTPS websites such as youtube, facebook, and others. KProxy is very similar to a VPN. However, it only works for Chrome and Firefox browsers.



The Hidester proxy site is another trusted proxy website. This site is also a free proxy website that also provides extensions for Google Chrome.

Hidester is similar to Hide.me. However, this Hidester proxy website only provides a limited proxy server location. You can only get proxy servers from the United States and Europe.

Hidester protects users from malicious scripts and other objects that can harm your computer.

You can also manage and delete cookies from websites that store them, and can even encrypt URLs.

Hidester also provides you with a free temporary generator password and e-mail address. The paid version provides access to several proxies in various countries. Isn’t that amazing?



Megaproxy is a free web proxy that has interesting features such as being able to hide your IP and cover your browser and operating system

Megaproxy also disables access to your last visit by hiding HTTP referrer information.

This makes tracking by spies, hackers, or even security services difficult. It also has the option to block cookies, delete advertisements from web pages, and prevent the repetition of animations.

Megaproxy provides users to encrypt and change cookies. This converts 20 web cookies into session-specific cookies. This feature increases user privacy.

Don’t be too excited. You cannot enjoy all the options for free. Megaproxy also offers paid services that have more facilities.

Although free services perform quite well, free services do not allow users to:

  • Visit more than 60 pages in 5 hours
  • Download files more than 200 kilobytes
  • Streaming media content and HTTPS access
  • Send information and enter remotely to any forum or website
  • Filter or delete embedded flash
  • Block JavaScript
  • Having an SSL free trial is activated