7 Reasons to Buy a Netbook Instead a Notebook – With the increasing popularity of netbooks it’s a more and more often asked question if people should buy a netbook or a full-fledged all-enabled notebook. There are points for and against all and only you can decide if either is for you. Netbooks have been on the market since 2007 when Asus released their first 7″ EEE PC. It became a huge hit against its numerous shortcomings and led to even better variations of the same concept, small and efficient computing for the masses.

7 Reasons to Buy a Netbook Instead a Notebook

7 Reasons to Buy a Netbook Instead a Notebook

1. A netbook is small. Not only little, but smaller than you would think. No picture gives justice to just how tiny they really are. If you don’t really need your notebook to be large, or actually are against carrying an extra bag you might find netbooks appealing.

2. Netbooks are easy. They weigh so little that you’ll have to check if you have it in your backpack. It makes carrying one comfortable and possible even on feet. The commonly achieved 2.5 pounds weight will compare to 7 pounds value notebooks as if you had nothing in your bag at all.

3. They’re quiet. Most notebooks in the business category are silent, cheaper notebooks are clearly audible when operating. With the low power consumption parts used in netbooks you will barely be able to tell if it’s on or off without looking at its screen first.

4. They’re cheap. This is often mentioned but they are cheaper than any full size notebook. It doesn’t matter if you compare ION enabled models to the cheapest value notebook, the netbook will almost always win the round. If your budget is less than $400, there are not many notebooks to choose from, and even less if you don’t want refurbished.

5. Netbooks are easy to work with. It takes just a few seconds to draw and open and they consume so little charge when suspended that you can just close it when you’re done and put it back in its sleeve. It can go on for days when shut and suspended on one charge while still allowing you to jump back into where you’ve left work in matter of seconds.

6. They can be used on public transportation. Some people would argue here that they can use their normal notebook as well, but it would be rather surprising if they could do that comfortably while sitting on a bus. It’s so small it doesn’t make your legs numb while you use it as the name implies; on your lap.

7. Extra wireless capabilities. Normal notebooks rarely offer 3G connectivity, but in netbooks you can opt for a model that has it for no or very little extra cost. Netbooks are even available with mobile broadband offers with integrated 3G modem, so you don’t have to worry about getting an USB dongle either.