7 Great Samsung Galaxy A9 Features – Samsung Galaxy A9 was first released in 2018, the main feature that can be found on the Samsung Galaxy A9 has four rear camera sensors, which are the first in the smartphone industry.

The quad camera configuration consists of a 24 megapixel main camera module (f / 1.7, PDAF), 8 megapixel wide-angle (f / 2.4, 12 mm), 10 megapixel tele (f / 2.4), and a 5 megapixel additional sensor (f / 2.2). While the front camera is 24 megapixel, f / 2.0.


Let’s discuss some great trick tips that exist on this Samsung Galaxy A9.

1. Samsung Galaxy A9 Notification Control uses Gesture

Samsung Galaxy A9 is equipped with several Smart Gesture features, including One-handed mode and Fingerprint Gesture.

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If One-handed mode is useful for the convenience of operating a smartphone with one hand, Fingerprint gesture will help users control the notification panel more easily.

2. Samsung Galaxy A9 uses Secure Folder

Samsung Galaxy A9 offers users Secure Folder applications to secure everything that is considered important.

Therefore, users no longer need to install third-party Locker applications. Secure Folder offers a secure location for encrypted storage so that important files, applications, images, and so on that you normally use will remain locked from ignorant hands.

3. Adjust the Nav Bar

If the Samsung Galaxy A9 navigation bar feels boring, then you can customize the Navigation Bar to provide an attractive new look. Samsung Galaxy A9 gives users a choice of 7 beautiful colors that are beautiful. Simply enter the Display settings menu> Navigation Bar and select one of the colors you like.

4. Prioritize notifications

Android Nougat gives users the option to set notification settings. So, for applications whose notifications are not so important, the user can hide them, how to set notification settings you can enter the Notifications Settings menu to turn them off.

5. Sweep your palm to take a screenshot

Another cool feature of the Samsung Galaxy A9 is Palm Capture. What the user has to do is sweep the palm on the screen to capture the screenshot.

6. Customize the Always On Display feature

The Always on Display (AOD) feature can be found on almost all Samsung premium phones. This feature will display all information such as time, battery level, and notifications without the need to activate the screen.

This feature contains various beautiful styles and themes to choose from. Also, users can even customize this AOD feature so that it can better describe information from the contacts that users have on the screen.

7. Increase download speed

Another interesting feature of this Samsung Galaxy A9 is Download Booster. This feature allows users to increase download speeds by more than 30MB.