There is an easy way to save android battery, we only do a few steps of Android smartphone so that it makes the Android battery more durable such as lowering the screen brightness of your smartphone, reducing the frequency of application synchronizing data, but there are applications that can also save battery on your Android smartphone

Here is 7 Amazing Android Battery Saver Apps


1.GSAM Battery Monitor

GSAM Battery Monitor is another favourite battery saver application. This application only provides detailed information about the application that drains your battery. You can use that information to increase the life of your battery. It can display details about wakelocks, activation times, and even CPU and sensor data. This application is somewhat incompatible for the latest version of Android. But if your smartphone has been rooted, then this application can work properly.

2.2 Battery

While all of us like to save battery when using our phone, saving a large part of your data usage can be a separate bonus, which is one of the advantages of this application. This 2 Battery application can turn off your cellular data connection when it is not actively used, saving battery and also saving data usage. Even better, this 2 Battery Saver application will turn off the mobile data again periodically to save your data from synchronization (email, calendar, Twitter, etc.) in the background.

This Android – 2 Battery saver application extends the power of your mobile easily and efficiently, without the need for menus and options that don’t understand and are confusing.

3.GreenPower Premium

Do you forget to charge your smartphone at home? Do not worry! This GreenPower android battery saver application will give your mobile an additional hour of power for your cellphone. This free application is fully automatic and runs silently in the background of your device. Just need a little configuration, then leave GreenPower to do what’s best to save your android battery.

This application will work to automatically handle Wi-Fi, mobile data, and even Bluetooth easily.

4.Android Booster

If you are looking for some applications for Android optimization that are serious, there is nothing better than this Android Booster application; this android battery saver application is equipped with RAM cleaners. That’s right; Android Booster increases the speed of your smartphone. In the meantime, it can save valuable power and free up memory.

The application interface is easy to use, and its great features include task killer, application manager, network manager, and file organizer. This battery saver application for Android puts a big boost in the overall performance of your mobile.

5.DU Battery Saver

With a sleek user interface, DU Battery Saver tells you how much time you have left over from remaining battery usage when your cellphone is on (that is, along with the details of the time too, like how much time is left when browsing the internet). With this feature, then it allows you to optimize time by closing different applications and deactivating different features on your mobile. You can also pin this application widget to your Android (main) home screen so that you always know information about your battery.

Thanks to its features, the free version of DU Battery Saver claims to be able to increase the durability of your Android battery by as much as 50 percent. The paid version claims users can save as much as 70 percent more battery life and automate some features found in the free version. Which version do you want to download? free or paid? it all depends on your level of activity.

6.Easy Battery Saver

Easy Battery Saver is an easy-to-use, clean, and effective application. This is one of the most valuable tools in our opinion that we classify in the Optimization category. The Easy Battery Saver application allows you to choose how you want to run your Android phone. Keep functioning as a telephone as usual, or choose an option that limits settings so that your mobile can run at the lowest battery consumption level so you can save on battery usage.


Greenify is one of the most popular battery saver applications today. This application also has modern features for Android Nougat such as Aggressive Doze and Doze modes. This application can be used for root and non-root devices. However, you will get more functions and strength if your smartphone has been rooted. All features are free. There is an optional donation version that applies to $ 2.99 if you want to support development.