6 Best Way to Speed up Windows 10 – PC Specification out of date are one of the causes of problems you experience. besides that, Bloatware and many program that installed could be csome things like bloatware and programs installed on your PC or laptop can also be the reason. When Windows 10 is slow or feels slow, there are several ways to speed up Windows 10.

1.Disabling Transparency Feature

The Start Menu in Windows 10 is enhanced in such a way and does look more attractive. However, transparent elements burden the device resources a little more, so you can disable this feature.

The trick is, right-click on the desktop screen then click Personalize – Colors, then turn off all settings.


2.Activating Fast Start-up

This step you can activate fast start-up to speed-up booting. Right click on Battery icon in taskbar, then left click Power Options


Click Choose what the power button does – Change settings that are currently unavailable.


Then check the option, Turn on fast start-up.

3.Disabling shadow use, animation, and special effects

To enhance the visual appearance of Windows 10, Microsoft implements special effects on several components of the User interface. However, these effects can overload the computer and make the boot process slow. This step will disable some effects to optimize the performance of your PC.

Right-click on the Start button, then click Systems , then search Advanced System Settings.


Then click tab Advanced  then click the Settings button.


The new window contain visual effect setting will appear, you can click Adjust for best performance, click Apply and OK.


4.Disabling all unimportant start-up application

Right click on Taskbar then click Task Manager 


Turn off all startups by clicking the Enabled button to Disable.

5.Remove Cache and Unused Files

Open the Explorer, then right click on the drive where Windows 10 is installed, then click Properties


Click Disk Cleanup , then choose what you want to delete, click OK.

When you access the internet, there are temporary files stored on the laptop or PC system that you use.

In addition to accessing the internet, when you open specific programs, Windows will also store several Temporary Files that are useful for speeding up programs when repeatedly opened and closed.

Sometimes temporary files or temporary files and cache can make the File System bigger. By cleaning it all, the storage capacity on the File System drive will make Windows 10 work optimally.

6.Turn off Search Index

On Windows, there is a search feature or better-known search index. This feature allows you to quickly access applications, files, and so on without having to go to the source folder. Although this feature helps you who often forget to put files/folders, this feature can slow down the PC loading process. So, if you want to get maximum benefits on Windows 10, you have to turn off the search index completely.

From the Start Menu search box, type “service.msc” or service and the Service window will appear. Look for Indexing Service or Windows Search in the list of services. Double-click, then click Stop and reboot.