Mac or MacBook computers also have a way to screenshots or print screen, but they are different way from Windows. Even the Mac keyboard is also different from Windows, so it’s true that the Mac screenshot keyboard shortcut is also different.

There are several ways of screenshots on Mac that you should know, along with a keyboard shortcut that you also need to know. By knowing how to print a Mac screen, you can determine which method is best for you to try to take screenshots of your Mac OS X or macOS computer.

Taking a Full-Screen Screenshot

The way to screenshot this one is the easiest. You don’t need to think about the print screen area or screenshots because the results of this screenshot are one full screen. Everything you see on the screen of your Mac or MacBook is what will be taken in the process of screen printing or screenshots.


How to screenshot one full screen is very easy. Simply press the shortcut Cmd + Shift + 3. You can hear the sound of the screenshot, which means the screenshot process is complete. You can see the results of screenshots on your Mac OS X or MacOS desktop.

A screenshot is only a specific part of the screen.

Maybe you just want to take some area on the Mac screen. Yes, you can do it without having to take one full screen for you screenshots even though you can edit the results of the screenshot.

You can just press the Cmd shortcut + Shift + 4. You will see the mouse cursor icon will change to the selector that will select the area you want to print the screen. Just click and hold, then drag in the area you want to print the screen. The results of the screenshot will be saved on the Mac Desktop.

Screenshot of One Window Mac Program

Manually taking a print screen in one window with the above method selection might be possible, but the results won’t be as neat as using the Mac screenshot shortcut that is intended for a full one-window print screen.

Prepare an application window or program that you want by opening the program, then pressing the shortcut Cmd + Shift + 3 + Space. The cursor icon will change to a camera icon which will notify which window you will print the screen — the results you can see on the Mac desktop.